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Vashon Island Time Exchange

October 17th is our Community Teach-In #2 - Meet your Fellow Time Bankers & Celebrate Life Long Learning

The Vashon Island Time Exchange is hosting its 2nd Community Teach-In Saturday, October 17th. Time Bank members are invited to share their knowledge, experience, and gifts with our community. RSVP at the link above to watch, participate, and learn!

Drop in any time. Attending is free; no hours required. 

SCHEDULE: (may be subject to change; see below for longer descriptions)
9am - Vashon Rocks! with Geologist Steven Bergman
9:30 - Gratitude, with Stacey Hinden, of the Vashon Wilderness Program
10am - Effective Computer Stretch Breaks, with Cathy DeSmet
10:30 - Photography, with Antoinette Guy
11am - Medicine in our Yards - Autumn, with Jane Valencia
11:30 - How to Succeed Selling Your Crafts, with Julie Shannon
12 Noon - Cultivating Resilience in Challenging Times, with Tori Stoner
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Vashon Rocks! Presented by Steve Bergman, 9-9:30am

The natural beauty that attracts us to Vashon Island is a direct result of its geology, including the magical vistas, the diverse mineral-rich soils, beach cliffs exposing glacial deposits, and wide spectrum of shoreline pebbles exposed at low tide. Vashon geology is also responsible for many natural hazards that might harm us, including earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis. This talk highlights several aspects of our rocks and aims to explain the role 
Earth System processes have played in the Island's geological history.

Gratitude - Presented by Stacey Hinden, 9:30-10am

Expressing gratitude is good medicine for individuals, organizations, and communities alike! Join Vashon Wilderness Program's Executive Director Stacey Hinden to learn why sharing gratitude is so transformative, as well as the origins of this powerful practice, and a variety of ways to get your attitude of gratitude flowing.

Effective Computer Stretch Breaks - Presented by Cathy DeSmet, 10-10:30am
You are possibly spending more time on a computer or screen than ever before.  Learn some stretches to care for your body and counterbalance the effects of computer use.
Photography - Presented by Antoinette Guy, 10:30am
“Photography is like a seed, it helps me grow. I invite you to Come through my door & have a peak at my imagination”. 
Medicine in Our Yards, Autumn - Presented by Jane Valencia, 11am
Support your health with medicinal plants that are ready to harvest right now here on Vashon. We'll cover safe and thoughtful practices for harvest and use, a few simple preparations you can make, and of course spend time getting to know some herbs and their properties.
Jane Valencia is an herbalist and herbal educator who loves helping folks connect with the plants around them and learn their healing ways.
How to Succeed Selling Your Crafts - Presented by Julie Shannon, 11:30am-Noon
Many people make beautiful, useful, delicious or otherwise sellable items, but aren't clear how to turn that into a successful small enterprise.  With almost 50 years of success in crafting for pleasure and profit, I can share the secrets you need to know.  This 30 minute session provides room for questions and short answers, and additional coaching is available as a time exchange. Learn how to work from home doing what you love to do!
Cultivating Resilience in Challenging Times - Presented by Tori Stoner, Noon
Perspectives on self-care, focus on setting boundaries & goals and dealing with potential setback

Let's help foster lifelong learning by sharing what we love at the ‘Each One Teach One’ Community Teach-In. 

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